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West Coast Style with a Midwest Mindset

Active people enjoy lifestyles that often revolve around their vehicles. Whether that's a Car, Van, Truck, Utility Vehicle, ATV, PWC, or Boat - California Customs can transform your experience from routine to revolutionary. Come by our local showroom and experience the best in styling, performance, convenience, and entertainment systems first hand.  We will expertly customize and integrate these into your vehicle with West Coast Style and a Midwest Mindset that assures quality, longevity, and value you just can't find elsewhere.

Local Community Focus

We are locally owned and managed. We employ American technicians and craftsmen that work to service our customers - who are neighbors, friends, and fellow members of our community. We seek out opportunities to get to know our customers well so that we really understand their lifestyles. Only then, can we provide the best possible vehicle enhancement services. We also celebrate excellence in our communities, looking for ways to recognize and celebrate one another's achievements in ways that make us all proud to know each other. These midwestern values are ones we've been fortunate enough to inherit. We have a duty to pass them on and "pay it forward".

Achieving at the Highest Level

We believe that innovation is 5% inspiration and 95% perspiration. That's why we work hard to stay on top of the most popular and technologically advanced customization techniques, and then work our butts off to become absolutely expert in our fabrication and installation techniques. This approach allows us to really embody our West Coast Style/Midwest Mindset promise.

Beyond merely Reputable

Many businesses have staying power, and will stand behind the products and services they sell. California Customs provides much more value than that. We take the time to carefully get to know our customers and discuss the various ways they intend to use their vehicle. That way, the enhancements we recommend, design, fabricate, and install are the best and most uniquely well-suited. We really want to ensure the investments our customers have made are sound ones that will deliver "WOW" results for years to come.

It's All About Fun

Life's short! It's important that we get the most out of it, and help our customers to do the same. The products and services we bring to market are fun, and we need to ensure that we deliver them in an atmosphere that is surprising, delightful, unexpected, and aspirational. Let's remember that we are experts, and we have an opportunity to share that expertise in ways that makes peoples' lives better. It's a fantastic opportunity, and we have the chance to make it fun for our customers, and our co-workers, everyday, and in myriad ways.

we are true leaders and trendsetters

We are not merely trendy, but we take our work seriously, without taking ourselves too seriously. We want people to know that California Customs is an inclusive brand -- where everyone will be welcomed into our family. We speak to people the way we hope they'd speak to us: respectfully, and projecting confidence and trust. We are light-hearted, aw-shucks, approachable and friendly, but dedicated to our mission of enhancing our customer's vehicular lifestyle (no matter what that is).


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